Extreme Programming vs. …

Extreme Programming vs. Interaction Design (Kent Beck vs. Alan Cooper)

NY Times: Many Ride Out the Recession in a Graduate School Harbor. So, when this “recession” ends, does that mean there will suddenly be a huge number of candidates fresh out of grad school applying for the same number of jobs? How long after a recession does it take for new jobs to be created. Surely, it’s not an instantaneous process.

Every so often a story about RealNetwork’s Rob Glaser comes out about his fight against Microsoft. The problem here is that people really want Glaser to succeed, but no one is putting any real faith behind him because, well, Real’s software sucks harder than Microsoft’s. I think most people gave up on Realplayer a long time ago.

The Official Ninja Homepage. No comment necessary. [via susank]

BusinessWeek has a special report (series of articles) on Apple.

Was Enron a cult?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 24, 2002 01:46 PM

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