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NTT DoCoMo in Japan has a natural monopoly in the Japanese cell phone market with its i-mode technology. Critics have been asking them for a long time now to open up their network to competitors so that competing providers can offer services without such tight constraints. NTT DoCoMo decided a while back to do excatly this and open their network in the spring of 2003. They just announcd that they’re pushing that date up to November of this year. I think that Microsoft could learn a thing or two from this company.

Happy Birthday Molly! Another year older, another year wiser.

I was digging around on the Web (Google, of course) for good resources for Project Management guidelines and I came across this URL. It’s a good example of how not to name your URLs/files. Yes folks, that’s a 97-character file name.

I recall seeing this Nokia Mobile Browser demo when it came out last year but it’s worth looking at again.

Criminy. A former Enron executive has died of an apparent suicide. Any doubts I had that Enron executives were free of guilt are now gone. I think what it boils down to is that these Enron executives knew they were deliberately running the company in a way that would benefit them and ultimately harm their employees in the long run. What scares me most is that much of the Bush administration seems to think they can run the country the same way. Favor the rich corporations, ignore everyone else. But that’s what happens when you elect businessmen to run the government…

Another article that points out that Microsoft’s forays into distributed authentication and Web services is a huge gamble, especially if they do not do something about their inherently insecure software. “Trust is not something you are given, you have to earn it.”

Check out this remarkable photo of the Himalayas taken from space with a standard 35mm camera.

A group of American Airlines pilots are urging the FAA to ground American’s fleet of Airbus A300 airplanes. Hmmm. I’m flying American to Austin, TX in March. This article prompted me to go look up what kind of jet my flights are flying. Both the destination and return flights are on a McDonnell Douglas SP80 Jet, which I’ve flown on several times before. It’s the same jet that Midwest Express uses, I think.

Modern Humorist: A Foreigner’s Guide to America. Drop-dead funny!

I didn’t know that Microsoft has an office here in New York City. That gives me too many mischievous ideas…

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