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I’ve been using this site design for over two years now. When I designed it I did so with the idea that I wanted a design that was flexible, fast-loading, cross-browser, easy-to-read, and tailored to the kind of postings I’d been doing for over three years. Every once in a while I think about redesigning but usually end up leaving it alone because it works well and I know that my readers would probably revolt. They’ve come to expect the same user interface day after day and a drastic change would take a while to get used to. But I realize that there are some things that I would gain with a redesign (permalinks, auto-archiving, W3C-compliant CSS and HTML, etc.) and I’ve been putting it off for too long. Ideally, what I’d like to do is come up with a new design and then design a “transitional design” that uses elements of both the old design and the new design so the look-and-feel changes of the site are more subtle. When you think about it and look at some of the old archived screenshots of Yahoo, you realize that this is exactly what they’ve been doing for years. Small and subtle UI changes that are easy to learn and do not create unexpected frustration for the end user. And for the most part, Amazon too. Lots of small (and frequent) UI changes. Almost never a complete front-end overhaul.

Chuck claims that Microsoft is resorting to spam to hawk their wares. Looking at the email headers of the spam he received, it sure looks that way.

The random kitten generator! Cute and fuzzy goodness!

Slashdot: Tackling Open Source Book Projects

Applescript vs. The Bad Guys is an amazing story of how Applescript and Timbuktu was used to remotely delete files from a stolen iMac. [via MrBarrett.com]

Web accessibility expert Anitra Pavka has a good critique of the new Section508.gov site. Oh yeah, she’s looking for a job.

I’m looking for good mailing lists on user interface design and technolgoies for wireless devices. I will compile and list the resources I receive. Email.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 23, 2002 03:34 PM

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