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A couple of readers have asked me how I’m able to offer free email to my family members under the Barrett.org domain. I use Pair Networks for the hosting of all my domains. With the Webmaster account, I get 50 POP mailboxes, which I can control very easily with their innovative web-based Pair Account Control Center. The best thing about Pair is their relatively low cost for superior hosting services. I’m paying about $50/month for hosting about 12 different domains, each of which comes with its own cgi-bin directory and custom email. Oh, and you also get free MySQL databases, PHP3, PHP4, and Perl 5. It’s a pretty good service to use when you are doing a lot of mid-level Web development but don’t have the resources or knowhow to set up (and maintain) your own development server.

Today’s weekly Monday morning meeting had an interesting twist to it. The company I am currently contracting with has an R&D group in Israel who dials into the conference room for the meeting:

COO (into the speakerphone): Israel, do you have anything to add?
Israel: Yeah, they just started bombing Gaza five minutes ago.

The other day I was shopping for food (yes, really!) and I picked up a box of Cinnamon Crispix. I was like: I like Crispix. I like cinnamon. Why not? I wasn’t too impressed. But I like that companies are experimenting and are putting out interesting combinations. I remember about six or seven years ago, they came out with Corn Chip Pringles. Wow, those were good. Too bad they still don’t make them.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 3, 2001 11:28 PM

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