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Today’s arbitrary link: Complete with lame, flashy, non-sensical navigation! If you don’t know why this link is here, click around a little bit and you’ll figure it out.

How renders in Mozilla. Hint: not very well…

Excellent article about the horrid state of UI in wireless applications. From IBM, of course.

Challis Hodge: Experience Design

An old friend from Michigan has developed a very interesting site called PillowMail, which allows you to customize sexy and steamy letters to your significant other. [Over 18 only, please]

Four Middletown, New Jersey teachers have been put in jail because they defied a judge’s back-to-work order intended to halt a strike. This is so pathetic. Teachers really need to be paid more. When teachers strike, there is usually a good reason and that reason almost always comes down to one of pay or an unfair contract. It seems that Michigan has a higher-than-average percentage of incidents involving the educational system in this country. Some of you may recall back in 1993 when the superintendent of the Kalkaska, Michigan public school system chose to shut down the schools in March because there was no money left. (I graduated from Kalkaska High School in 1991.) [via MetaFilter]

I’ve seen a number of articles about the failing of Enron, one of America’s largest commercial energy suppliers. While I do not know any or all of the facts, I’m willing to guess that the reason Enron has failed can be traced back to one single all-encompassing factor: greed [in combination with piss-poor business management].

Arianna Huffington:

While all these financial shenanigans [at Enron] were going on and the stock was flying artificially high, Lay, in his position as CPSO (Chief Pyramid Scheme Officer), cashed in stock and options worth $150 million. And former Enron executive Jeff Skilling pocketed $62 million before abruptly abandoning ship this past August.

Check out Redcricket’s Camtoons. Where a guy with a webcam and an action figure have too much fun.

Crap. One of the mailing lists I run just started bouncing messages going to email addresses. What a pain in the ass…

I deleted this thing about 100 times today. Sigh, I wish someone would write a virus that deletes the Outlook client(s) and installs Eudora or something more secure.

mgkimsal:  random thought - 
mgkimsal:  why is it that virus writers invariably can't spell or write 
           worth a dime?
mgkimsal:  do they think that by putting in bad spelling/grammar more people  
           will think it's 'real'?
mgkimsal:  I swear, the first time someone puts together a *real* virus - 
           something that can generically put together random yet coherent and 
           real sounding email messages - we'll be in for a real treat.
camworld2: i still think a virus that deletes Outlook and installs Eudora 
           would be great
mgkimsal:  no argument here
camworld2: think about it, a PROACTIVE virus that does good
mgkimsal:  actually, we were just talking about this here
mgkimsal:  one of the things diehard Outlook fans like is the 
           calendar/appointment thing
mgkimsal:  if you wrote a virus that simply moved people's appointments around, 
           without drawing attention to itself, you'd do more damage than 
           anyone could imagine
mgkimsal:  don't have it replicate 50,000 times per hour
mgkimsal:  just now and then
mgkimsal:  and silently change Bob's appointment from 1:00pm to 9:30am
mgkimsal:  he'll drive somewhere when he shouldn't be, etc.
camworld2: ha ha
mgkimsal:  I'm too evil...
camworld2: insert things in to the office admin's calendar like "Buy the 
           programmers pizza"
mgkimsal:  HA!
mgkimsal:  I like it!!!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 4, 2001 02:30 PM

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