Dean Kamen’s super-hyped …

Dean Kamen’s super-hyped urban transportation device [IT/Ginger] is to be unveiled tomorrow morning. Here are a few sneak-peek links. NY Times. Time Magazine. Yahoo.

Early comments:

  • $3000 is too expensive
  • How do you lock or chain it up? You can’t really take it into a restaurant or building with you. A bit too bulky and heavy.
  • It’s too slow for suburbs, at 15mph max

Tony Collen sent me this link to Dean Kamen’s Pro Segway 2 video game. Ha ha. At long last, I have finally acquired the domain name. I had to settle for paying a domain squatter too much money, but I now own the domain and will never let it go. For those few readers of mine (some of them relatives) with the surname Barrett, I’m offering a free POP email account. Contact me to learn more.

Not that I’m complaining or anything, but I wonder if Doc knows that he has three links to CamWorld on his right-nav. One link is plenty enough, Doc [grin]. Just trying to save some bandwidth!

Apple’s QuickTime software is 10 years old today. You have to admit that Apple was years ahead of everyone with this technology. You also have to admit that technologies like DVD, Windows Media Player, and RealVideo would not even be around had QuickTime never shipped.

Zeldman posted a screenshot of the NY Times, poking fun at their use of Alt Text a banner ad. I laughed a bit, and then took a long look at how Zeldman has customized his IE 5/Mac web browser. That’s far more interesting to me than what’s inside the browser…

Hi! Just saying “Hi” to all my new readers. You know who you are… 10 US Telecom Policy Myths

I was looking on Amazon to see there was a DVD version of a very hilarious movie called The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human, and it unexpectedly came up with something called Czech Mating, which I think is a light gay porn DVD.

Flipping around the TV the other night, I noticed they finally doubled the question dollar amounts on Jeopardy! It’s about time, too. That was a smart move.

37 Signals: Design Not Found

One word: Pathetic

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 2, 2001 01:54 PM

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