As promised, here’s …

As promised, here’s a list of streaming MP3 radio stations submitted by readers:

Weenies, for those adults who have a Beanie baby fetish that goes too far.

Lowest of the low. A reader reports that this site has been associated with unsolicited email (spam) that’s been making the rounds. Reminds me of this site I saw last week.

Interesting opinion piece over at Advogato about how the changes of VA Linux’s business model are affecting its free software proejcts hosting service, SourceForge.

Netscape Backstory: Remember way back in 1998 when Netscape announced they were going to release the source code for Netscape 4.x, but there was a delay because it included some code for a proprietary database that had been licensed for use by the mail/news applications of the Netscape Communicator application suite? David McCusker, who was a Netscape engineer on that project has left enough clues that anyone with Google skills can figure out who the database vendor was by doing some basic research. I will respect David’s wishes to not name the vendor, but I will leave it up to my readers to figure out who it was. (Apparently, there is a history of the vendor being lawsuit-happy, so people involved are pretty reluctant to say much publicly.) [via Hack-the-Planet]

Kudos to Good Customer Service: A friend from out-of-town was visiting over the weekend, and was scheduled to fly out of LaGuardia yesterday. We were actually at a diner having breakfast when we learned of the plane crash and the closing of the NYC airports. I spent nearly two hours on the phone calling Travelocity (Yahoo Travel) and then the airline and then Travelocity again, trying to get the flight rescheduled. The airline was going to screw us over and not reschedule the flight because it was a return flight, until I refused to accept that answer from the representative at Travelocity. I give the rep at Travelocity lots of credit for cutting through the red tape and getting a trip voucher code which then allowed her to reschedule the return flight for early this morning, without an extra fee. Kudos to customer service done right during a tragedy.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 13, 2001 07:04 PM

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