Note: I’m taking …

Note: I’m taking the next couple of days off. See you next week.

Request: I am starting to listen more to streaming MP3 radio stations. So far, I really like the playlist at Send me your favorite channels and I’ll check them out. If I get enough recommendations, I’ll post a list next week. Thanks.

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So, WindowsXP has officially been on the market for almost two weeks. Is it too soon to start asking about sales figures? What are the reports from the field? Is it flying (no pun intended) off the shelves? Are consumers buying into Microsoft’s vision of ubiquitous computing? Send me links, and I’ll post them.

WinInfo: “It’s a paradox to me that the people who make up Microsoft are responsible for one of the most predatory entities that has ever entered the world economy.

For those of you who missed Bert-in-a-box, he may be back periodically. When I get bored, I break out Photoshop and GifBuilder and think about what else I can make come out of the box. I was trying to do a pumpkin for Halloween, but it was simply the wrong shape.

Today I bought three DVDs from a street vendor. I was a bit surprised that he was selling them at $10 each, and I knew they were either bootleg copies or stolen goods. But I was curious to see the quality, so I took them home and put them in my DVD player. The video quality is decent, but not as good as a factory-manufactured disc, and the audio appears to be intact. All of the DVDs were copied without the subtitle tracks (a sign that they are bootleg copies). After careful examination of the packaging I noticed some subtle things that clearly marked them as bootleg copies. The paper jacket is a color photocopy rather than a four-color offset print. If you look at the photograph details and the fine print on the back, you can see that it’s a bit fuzzy, sure signs that it’s a high-resolution scan that was then printed from a color laser printer or color photocopier. Also, the cases are shrinkwrapped like normal retail goods, but are missing the security tape and labels.

A reader sent in this link with the caption “Bad CSS!” Be sure to check it in Netscape 4.x for an interesting mistake.

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