Programming horror stories. …

Programming horror stories.

From 1993: The Long and Short of Horror Stories

Unix Admin Horror Stories.

Reader Matthew Collins writes:

Thought I’d share this tidbit. WindowsXP Home
Edition does not have IIS or PWS installed.
Therefore, in order to continue developing web
applications and such, my options are: install Apache,
convert to Linux (finally), or shell out $200 for the
WindowsXP Professional upgrade. Mind you, this is after I have
already shelled out money for a new computer and the
pre-installed WindowsXP Home Edition.

I think I’m so upset because I had this functionality
in Windows98 and they’ve taken it away for no good reason.

The new Microsoft Passport logo.

Suddenly Everything Sucks. [via Tara Calishain]

My MP3 Stream: Yesterday I had the idea of creating a site that allowed users build a custom MP3 audio stream, either by uploading MP3s of songs they owned or picking from an extensive song database. Both options would require some kind of monthly fee, a portion of which in return would go to the music artist and/or the recording company. The site itself would be a kind of portal to hundreds (thousands, even milions) of custom MP3 streams, all of which have a customized home page for the person who put the playist(s) together, including referral links to Amazon and other online retailers. Another option would be to let users (who have the bandwidth and knowhow) set up a streaming MP3 service from their home broadband connection, and use the MP3 portal site simply as a way for them to drive listeners to their MP3 radio stream. I realize this is not an original idea. Are there any companies out there trying to do this?

Today, I saw that Kevin Werbach over at Edventure is saying pretty much the same thing. “The killer app for broadband will be streaming audio to stereo systems, and video to TVs, via home server appliances. That will drive sales of wireless home networks, which will drive broadband demand. You read it here first.”

Posted by Cameron Barrett at November 14, 2001 04:26 PM

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