Satellite News Channels …

Satellite News Channels Changing the Face of Television News in the Middle East

The Most Dangerous Religion (Hint: It’s not Islam): “During the past decade, Muslims have fought (a partial list): Animists in Sudan; Coptic Christians in Egypt, Ethiopian Christians in Eritrea; Jews in Palestine; Eastern Orthodox Catholics in Yugoslavia, Chechnya, and Cyprus; Hindus in India; Roman Catholics in East Timor; Hindus, Confucians, and Christians of various denominations in Indonesia; and finally, of course, secular Westerners in Iraq.”

A rather interesting lengthy essay about flying-saucer religions. You can’t make up stuff this bizarre.

The Church of the Alien Genetic Engineers (non-religious)

Nielsen’s Psychology of Religion: Religion’s Role in the Terrorist Attack of September 11, 2001. (Highly-recommended read)

GeekLife: My Undercover Operation into the Adult industry

The Texas Atheist: Debunking the Myth of a “Christian” United States

Lenny Flank: Creation “Science” Debunked

The ever-brilliant Michael Sippey has a proposal for fixing what is wrong with Metafilter. Perhaps if this kind of system were implemented, I’d start visiting Metafilter more often.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 28, 2001 09:11 PM