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The NY Times has a good article on Brian Robinson, the speed-hiker I linked to on Saturday. I’m still amazed at this guy’s accomplishment. Truly something.

Astute reader Erik Kosberg noticed that Slate’s Bushisms page has been removed from Slate’s web site. Is the page gone because Slate went through a redesign (creating linkrot) or have Slate’s editors caved into public pressure to remove anything that may make President Bush look like a moron? Update: Readers are pointing me to this new URL, which proves that it’s just linkrot.

Who’s Afraid of the CLI? [via Axodys]

The only good thing about Echostar buying DirecTV from GE for $25B is that Rupert Murdoch and Bill Gates didn’t get it. I still don’t think this will stop Microsoft buying their way into the position of putting a crappy Windows-based OS in set-top satellite receivers, it just makes it harder.

Eek! “God and America are inseparable.” It’s sad that people have forgotten that public schools are places of [unbiased] learning, not extensions of their

I find it interesting that with all the cable channels available, not a single one of them is running Murphy Brown re-runs. I wonder if it’s because no one bought the syndication rights. I mean, there was a Diff’rent Strokes marathon over the weekend (I overdosed, BTW), why not Murphy? Ah, apparently it is playing on the Women’s Television Network in Canada.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 29, 2001 07:53 PM

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