Brian Robinson is …

Brian Robinson is attempting be the first person to complete hiking’s Triple Crown, all three of the U.S. National Scenic Trails, in a single calendar year. This inlcudes the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest, and the Continental Divide, a total of approximately 7900 miles. That averages out to 22-30 miles per day. As of October 25, he had 48 miles to go, which means he will likely accomplish this amazing feat today or tomorrow. Update: He made it! [via Jessamyn]

Sigh…I just saw a Christmas TV commercial. It’s not even November yet!

NY Times Op-Ed: How to Lose a War

I’m sorry, but this atrocity must be stopped.

There was an earthquake in New York last night. Really. I was in bed finishing up the first book of Raymond Feist’s The Serpentwar Saga (not a bad series, fast read) and I heard/felt the walls shake very lightly. My first thought was that there was an explosion somewhere, but I didn’t hear any loud bang. I then thought maybe it was a sudden gust of wind that hit the side of the brownstone I live in.

Here’s an interesting essay that explores why it is taboo to speak publicly about the great sex you may have had last night.

The University of Michigan Documents Center. Loads and loads of categorized links to articles. Worth bookmarking.

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