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Ann Coulter has a disturbing, but interesting idea. Deport all foreign nationals who are Muslims regardless of whether they are in this country legally or illegally and then let them all back in, one by one, checking their histories and profiles against an FBI database. What may be even more disturbing is that she got fired from her job at the National Review for publishing controversial ideas. What is this country coming to? [via]

One of my former coworkers has put up an excellent slide show of photos he took on September 11, 2001. He lives only four blocks from the WTC.

Tony Blair, the British Prime Minister, has given a speech that every American must read. The only way to fight the perpetrators of the attacks of 9/11 is with education and awareness. Every person in America and every person in the world needs to be educated about how undemocratic and oppressive the Taliban regime is. About how the terrorist attacks in the U.S. weren’t just attacks on Americans, but attacks on the “western” world.

Mareen Dowd: “Even as the White House preaches tolerance toward Muslims and Sikhs, it is practicing intolerance, signaling that anyone who challenges the leaders of an embattled America is cynical, political and — isn’t this the subtext? — unpatriotic.” Perhaps Ari Fleischer should be forced to resign or (gasp!) fired for his “unpatriotic” remarks. After all, anyone who makes the mistake of preaching such Orwellian concepts to our country doesn’t deserve to be in the position of power and authority he is in.

I knew it was only a matter of time. is a webcam site dedicated to webcam porn. Sigh…

It’s called a monopoly for a reason. Abusing monopolies is illegal. Hello? Is anyone listening? If Microsoft keeps up with these tactics, they’re going to find themselves losing a whole lot of business, especially if a recession hits us and companies start looking to save money by not buying Microsoft products. The scary thing is that Microsoft is probably one of the only large software companies in the world that has enough cash and solid revenue to outlast a multi-year recession.

Oh yeah. You know that “breakthrough technology” Microsoft calls Cleartype? No surprise here that it (sub-pixel font rendering) first showed up on the Apple II, twenty-two years ago.

An excellent overview of how the press around the world has been responding to the 9/11 attacks and the aftermath.

Tom Gutting: “Two days after the president’s speech, I used my regular column for the Texas City Sun to raise some doubts about the quality of his leadership. There was loud public outcry, and I was fired.

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