9:18 PM: If …

9:18 PM: If you’re not watching West Wing right now, you’re missing out. Exceptional episode.

9:57 PM: OK, West Wing is over. The episode went downhill and my opinion changed. Still a good episode, but not as good as I thought it would be.

New Toys! Mac OS X 10.1 is now on my new G4. I also got a copy of Summoner, which looks like a cool video game. And I just bought a Canon ZR25 MC Camcorder. Help, I don’t know what to play with first!

Nooface looks like a great site that is covering the concept “in search of the post-PC interface.” Lots of great links.

A nice chart of Web-based WYSIWYG editors.

David Podvin: The Media Cover-Up of the Gore Victory

Please listen. Just because I link to something (this time, the Ann Coulter article) doesn’t mean that I agree with or support those points of views. The astonishing amount of email I’ve received trying to get me to remove the link to that article or make me ashamed about linking to it is absurd. Have we really come to a point in this country where any dissenting or controversial opinion is attacked and not treated with the same respect as an opinion or idea that socially acceptable? How sad for this country, if that is the case.

Top Ten Ways To Look Like A CNN Correspondent

More shifty marketing crap from Microsoft. I hope Novell wins a huge settlement over this.

William F. Buckley also has an interesting idea. Let the governments of the world “declare in full voice that Islam is widely profaned and mistaught.” Treat it (the radical form of Islam that the terrorists practiced) much the same way communism was treated in the 20th century. Simply don’t stop until it is gone and the world is educated about how bad it is.

How to write shell scripts (with examples)

Clay Shirky: Web Services: It’s So Crazy, It Just Might Not Work

XML.com: Generating Unique IDs and Linking to Them

Bruce Perens: We’ll fork the Web to keep it Free. Looks like we were right. Remember when I said the Internet was going to fracture into three pieces: A Microsoft Internet, an AOL Internet, and a “free” Internet — the first two built on top of proprietary technologies and monopolies and the latter built on top of open standards.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 3, 2001 03:57 PM

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