Did you know …

Did you know you can order bugs by the pound over the Internet?

The Top 10 Ugliest Couches in America. My brother had a couch for a while that could have been a contender in this. When I asked him why he would buy such an ugly couch, he said “Hey, it was cheap. And it came with a matching chair.”

David Talbot: Democracy Held Hostage. In other words, look out for hidden agendas within the decisions coming out of the Bush Administration.

I just checked my error logs and added up the number of failed requests generated by the Code Red and Nimba exploits of Microsoft’s IIS server. To date, there have been 164,425 requests. My site runs on FreeBSD boxes running Apache, so I’m immune. But the number of requests is astonishing, running an average of 10-to-1 of legitimate HTTP requests.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 29, 2001 12:41 PM