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The article I linked to last week about the Scientologists portraying themselves as mental health workers in the wake of the WTC disaster has mysteriously disappeared from the Sacramento Bee web site. The press release from the National Mental Health Association still seems to be intact, though. Update: A reader from Sacramento writes in informing me that any article older than seven days is removed from the site and to the archives, which costs $2 per article to accesss.

Something Awful: Scientology vs. The Taliban

A map of the Apple Stores, both open and proposed.

In the same vein as Toonses the Driving Cat comes The Angry Siamese, two crime-fighting Siamese cats who drive around in a Ford Mustang. I love the Internet.

One of the best photo essays I’ve ever seen: 13 Days: World Trade Center

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 28, 2001 07:35 PM

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