The Renaissance of …

The Renaissance of Anti-Intellectualism

Arianna Huffington: The Land of the Free?

The Conformist: Why They Hate Us

Betty Bower, America’s Best Christian is a hilarious parody of Christianity in the United States. Gotta love “How to Spot a Terrorist” and “Bettty Bowers’ Cristian Crackwhore Ministry“. I can only imagine the truckloads of hate mail the owner of this site gets.

How sad it is that people are resorting to such close-minded tactics. It’s perfectly OK to have a dissenting opinion. It’s perfectly OK to voice that opinion. One of the founding principles of this country is that of free speech. Apparently, the majority of people in this country have forgotten that. Or possibly they were never taught it in the first place?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 27, 2001 12:37 PM

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