Interface Mafia: Redesigning …

Interface Mafia: Redesigning the Mac OS X Dock

Steven Champeon says that we all must be tolerant of others, regardless of race or religious belief. Right on.

OpenWave: Top 10 Usability Guidelines for WAP Applications

Forgot your phone charger? Can’t find a power outlet? Maybe you need this wind-up charger for cell phones. [via ResearchBuzz]

Devx: Designing Effective User Interfaces for Wireless Devices

Johan Hjelm: How to get information to mobile devices

Wireless Developer Network: Graphical User Interface (GUI) Fundamentals

Nice overview of the industrial design of wireless security devices.

Dan Gillmor: More tax breaks for rich should be last on agenda

Geocaching is a new sport that takes advantage of emerging technologies like GPS. Players in the game stash inexpensive items all over the world, hidden in Tupperware and other waterproof containers. Other players then use cheap GPS units to track down the caches. It’s kind of like a high-tech treasure hunt.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 26, 2001 03:24 PM