Where are the crazy …

Where are the crazy radicals when you need them? I had a dream last night that Timothy McVeigh came back from the dead, drove a Ryder truck filled with explosives up to Microsoft Headquarters, and blew it to pieces. Isn’t that a nice thought? (Ahem, that’s irony)

The Next Generation of Interactive Digital Devices and the Technology Behind Them

From 1996: Microsoft stealing Sun’s thunder with ‘network computer’

Today: Microsoft masters Network Computer mind-set

Coca-Karma is the fascinating story of an ongoing $4B legal case between an independent advertising consultant names Bob Kolody and Coca-Cola Corporation. Long, but good.

Katie is a new GPL’d revision control system that is like a cross between CVS and NFS. Looks promising.

Does Mac OS X Rest On Adobe?

Microsoft: Smart Tags [Blech!]

NY Times: “And, by widening margins, people say they are less trusting that Mr. Bush will keep his word.” Call me cynical, but maybe that’s exactly what the Bush White House wants. If Bush has such a low approval rating, it’s easier for his administration to continue to rape and pillage this country in the name of Corporate America and lower taxes for the rich. What we need is a good scandal that will start impeachment proceedings for both Bush and Cheney.

O’ReillyNet: Shelter From the HailStorm

Byte: The Business of Open Source

Louis Rosenfeld, co-author of the well-known O’Reilly book on information architecture, finally caved in and started a weblog. Go Lou!

Excellent Salon article on Google’s search and ranking techniques.

I’m not the only one who thinks the Internet will fracture into several pieces. This Register article talks about a company called New.net which wants to extend the DNS system to circumvent the controlling interests of companies like Microsoft and AOL-Time Warner.

Andrew Welch: Why is OS X Slow?

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