Yesterday, Macromedia announced the …

Yesterday, Macromedia announced the development of a new product called Sitespring. At first glance, it looks like a pretty well put-together client-server package for managing the production and project management of web sites. They’re selling it as a tool for collaboration and are focusing on the team aspect. I’m mostly interested in how their “Transparent Versioning” is supposed to work. The product manager claims that Sitespring will work with existing versioning technologies like Sourcesafe and CVS. I’m waiting for the FAQ on this. My guess is it’s using WebDAV.

A couple of excellent papers from Earthlink:

Filtering mail with procmail. [via Qube Quorner]

Simpsons on DVD!

Halsey Minor’s new company, Grand Central, may be exactly what the Internet needs to compete against Microsoft’s Passport/Hailstorm Web Services initiative. Anyone but Microsoft!

Kevin Werbach’s article on weblogs is up online now. It’s a good read.

Gimme bandwidth: If anyone in the NYC area is looking for DSL access, my provider has said they’ll bump up my connection speed for free for every referral I send them. So far, I’m pretty happy with the DSL line I have. No problems yet. Let me know if I can refer you.

One of my coworkers, leonardr, is posting his mom’s adventures in housecleaning and home improvement. All the content comes in the form of emails she sends him. Read down to the last email called The Mummy. Gross!

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 19, 2001 05:28 PM

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