Technology and Social Isolation. …

Technology and Social Isolation. Good essay.

The CueCat was such a stupid idea. No one thought it would work. Everyone was right. Good riddance to a bad idea. Now, if only Microsoft’s Smart Tags would suffer the same fate.

Dan Bricklin: A Taxonomy of Computer Systems and Different Topologies: Standalone to P2P

WebReference Newsletter: Accessible Web Sites

Joel’s book is finally out. Much of it’s already online, but sometimes there’s no substitute for having a print copy lying around. Congrats Joel.

Excellent interview with Alan Cooper. He thinks Microsoft (and everyone else) should abandon the web browser. He makes some interesting points.

The other day I stopped at one of those chain drug stores to pick up some medicine. I needed some cash, so I used one of those small in-the-corner ATM machines. Right after I punched in my code and the amount I wanted (no backing out now) the machine started playing a Nestle Crunch commercial really loudly. I could do nothing but wait it out. I wanted my cash. I felt trapped. Advertising of this sort is becoming more and more commonplace, and there’s very little we can do about it. To make things worse, this particular machine seemed to take forever to complete my ATM transaction so I ended up suffering through this obnoxiously loud Nestle Crunch commercial twice. Sigh…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at June 22, 2001 08:47 PM