Jeez, I didn’t do …

Jeez, I didn’t do a damn thing this weekend. But, you know what? I feel great. Sometimes you have to just relax and do nothing. Correction, I did do something this weekend: I watched about a half dozen movies and read a book from cover to cover. Ahhhhhh….

Finally! Salon has published the article that sums up my feelings about why voting for Nader would be a bad idea.

Poli-Babble: It’s becoming pretty clear to me that I’m likely going to vote for Gore next month, but I fear that Bush will ultimately win. I look at it this way: I’d prefer Gore to be our next President, as I think he’d be the best choice for the country as a whole, but I also recognize the fact that I would likely benefit more from Bush than I would Gore considering my income level, tax bracket, and monetary investments. For me, it’s a conscious decision I need to make: Do I vote for the candidate who I think is best for the country and economy, or the candidate who I think is best for me?

Salon on Mac OS X:

Jakob Nielsen on the usability of Flash.

Salon also has a long article about how the mainstream press is not being entirely fair in their reporting of Gore’s campaign, complete with solid examples.

Though I regularly point to Salon articles because they are some of the best online, I’m incredibly disappointed that they’ve started to use javascript pop-up ads. I suppose this means that I need to start pointing to their “print” versions, in protest.

Michael Moore: Is George W. Bush Illiterate?

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 29, 2000 05:00 PM

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