The ultimate monitor. I …

The ultimate monitor. I wonder how good it actually is?

Jeffrey Veen: The Matrix Integration Architecture for the Masses

NY Times: Lessons in Spam: A Nordstrom E-Mail Goes Astray. Here’s a tip. In order to prevent these kinds of embarassing mistakes, it helps if you don’t send the spam [ahem, targeted email] in the first place.

GeekPress: Scamming Google

NY Times: Web Merchants Make Good on Hype. A generic article talking about how ecommerce sites are getting easier to use.

With all the recent hype surrounding the Playstation 2 release, readers may want to read this Nintendo Gamecube vs. PlayStation 2 piece. There are also rumours about Sega and Nintendo forming a joint company.

FaceGenerator [IE-only] is an interesting DHTML-based site with many uses. I can definitely see it be used by police departments and dermatologists. Notice how the designer chose not to use Flash.

Everything you ever wanted to know about Oracle’s Larry Ellison.

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