PythonLabs Team Moves to …

PythonLabs Team Moves to Digital Creations

This Salon article about how eBay sellers are getting squeezed out is interesting, yet I feel no pity for these people who thought they could rely exclusively on eBay for their income. It’s clear now that eBay cares more about their stock price and their exclusive deals with other companies than they care about the people who made eBay what is today. Perhaps this is an opportunity for one of the other auction services to snag away some of these digruntled eBay sellers.

The Woman George W. Bush Never Married

What happens when you take amateur gay pornographic pictures, mask out the people, and then critique the interior design of the rooms? You get Obscene Interiors. [NY Times]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 28, 2000 02:08 PM

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