Alphanumerica, my employer, is …

Alphanumerica, my employer, is sponsoring the Second Mozilla Developer Meeting on August 18, 2000 at Netscape’s Campus in Mountain View. This meeting is timed to coincide with LinuxWorld Expo that week in San Jose. If you’re intereted in Mozilla, I hope to see you there.

Microsoft’s Web Application Stress Tester Tool

Online Book: New Community Networks. This looks like an excellent read. I wish there was a PDF I could print out.

The guys over at 37 Signals have a weblog now: Signal vs. Noise is an amazingly useful news aggregation service. Loads very fast, with no ads!

While it’s nice to see the FCC address the customer service issue, I’m hoping they’ll broaden their investigation to include possible anti-competitive practices the Baby Bells are potentially using to curtail the reselling of DSL services from competitors (who are forced to lease lines from the Baby Bells) until they get their collective asses in gear and are able to provide the services themselves. Just a suspicion I have…

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 5, 2000 06:18 PM

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