You know you’re working …

You know you’re working for a hot startup when you log into the company’s dedicated IRC server on a national holiday and there’s ten people in the chat room. Another way to look at it: Instead of seeing it as a day off, you see the holiday as an extra day in which to catch up on your work.

Boardwatch: Jabber and Zope, Can Open Source Beat the Most Popular Commercial Products

I’m buying a lot of orange, yellow, and red t-shirts lately. I wonder what this means. I hope it doesn’t mean I’m turning into Taylor, because then I would have to shave my head!

Slashdot: Making Money With Open Code, APIs, And Docs

Here’s an excellent article about the Xbox graphics capabilities Microsoft is putting their Xbox gaming console. Microsoft recently acquired Bungie, the popular Mac-centric game developer who is working on a game called Halo that promises to revolutionize the gaming console market. It’s a safe bet that Halo will be Xbox-only as opposed to Bungie’s original plans of simultaneously shipping Mac, PC and PS2 versions. The bad thing about the Xbox is that it’s completely proprietary. This is just another example of Microsoft using its muscle and money to push itself into yet another market. With Playstation2 and the Xbox both slated to tear up the gaming console market this Fall/Winter, it will interesting to see how well the Indrema system fares. Indrema is planning a gaming console that is based on open source code and uses Linux as its OS.

Hey, Steven Ivy has a CamBlog. I wonder if I can sue? Heh, just kidding.

Excellent. The FCC is finally getting involved in the DSL situation that’s frustrating consumers and businesses around the country.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 4, 2000 02:21 PM