Wow! Check out these …

Wow! Check out these browser-based games. It’s truly amazing what you can do with Javascript.

Excellent article about the defection of new media publishing companies from the bloated, expensive Content Management Systems currently being used to build and maintain dynamic web sites. [via]

Business 2.0: Open Source Policy

Tim O’Reilly: Gated Open Source Communities

I like Great commentary, good links, awesome design. Classy. I’ll have to start reading it more often.

Dan is one of the few people I know who actually supports Microsoft in their recent litigations. I think it’s great that people are coming out in support of Microsoft, even if their opinions, beliefs and conclusions are different from mine. The important thing to note here is that Dan makes some very good arguments in favor of Microsoft and successfully argues his case. It proves that Dan has given lots of thought to the situation, unlike many of Microsoft critics I’ve read over the past couple of years. At the same time, I also have reviewed the facts and read all of the various opinions, but have come to the opposite conclusion: Microsoft should not be allowed to continue operating their business in the same manner as they are now. If left alone, they will stifle innovation in the computer technology field for years to come because of their current business practices and ethics.

If you think that Al Gore “invented” the Internet, you’d be wrong. [Found at Backup Brain]

MacWorld: Create a Barrier-Free Web Site

IE 5/Mac Changes How Mac Users See the Web. IE 5/Mac has lots of very intuitive and extremely useful pieces of power-user functionality, as outlined in this article.

Esther Dyson warns Britain of their impending “police state” mentality regarding online privacy and electronic communication.

An interesting use of the DivX technology.

Do the Funky Chicken!

That’s a lot of penguins! (202, to be exact)

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