Way too much email to catch …

Way too much email to catch up on. Updates coming soon. Probably later tonight.

Play the Monkichi Bingo Game [Shockwave required].

Request: I’m trying to find info about a stuffed monkey toy that came out during the Christmas season in the early 1980s. The TV commercials had a very catchy tune that went something like this “Mon chi chi, mon chi chi, he’s oh so cute and cuddly…put your hand on his head, he’s really sweet…fun to wiggle his little feet….Happy, happy, Mon Chi Chi.” I doubt that’s the correct spelling of Mon Chi Chi. And the Monkichi thing above isn’t what I’m looking for.

Alice was the first to get me a link. What I really want is the song or the lyrics.

Tara Calishain offers up these lyrics, which I think are pretty close to the actual:

Monchichi Monchichi
oh so soft and cuddly
with your thumb in your mouth you’re really sweet
love to wiggle those little feet
la la la
la la la
happy happy Monchichi

(spastic child in background screaming “I LOVE YOU MONCHICHI!”)

Monchichi, monchichi,
oh so soft and cuddly,
with their thumb in their mouth they’re really neat,
fun to wiggle their little feet!
la la la
la la la
happy happy Monchichi

(again with the spastic child)

Of course, eBay has plenty of Monchichi merchandise (not the PVC stuff).

Eric S. Raymond talks about the DVD crack and the fight to control DVD piracy.

It’s January 3. Why are there still Christmas lights and Christmas trees all over the place? Ugh.

A co-worker loaned me the “Tigermilk” CD by Belle and Sebastian. They have now beat out James as my all-time favorite British pop band.

My hits over the past few days seem to be way up, but the Analog 3 report I just ran doesn’t appear to tell me why.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 3, 2000 02:02 PM