The only thing that really frustrates …

The only thing that really frustrates me is that some people have no
imagination or design skills whatsoever, so they completely rip off
somebody else’s work. There are simply far too many similarities
between Scott Bartlow’s web
site and CamWorld. He even had the balls to steal my graphics. HTML code
is one thing, but you cross the line when you rip off graphics.

He didn’t even have the sense enough to test the design he ripped
off in Netscape. Apparently his HTML editor screwed up my code and it
renders weird.

Just in case Scott discovers the error of his ways, here’s
a screenshot of his site.

I need a favor from my readers: Please do not email or call
Scott Bartlow. I feel that he has learned his lesson, and he has
and taken
the site down. I’m concerned that some of my more fanatic readers have
over-reacted and misunderstood why I alerted my readers to Scott’s
mistake. My intent was only to point out that what Scott had done was
wrong, and used him as an example. The important thing is that Scott
learned that “borrowing” an entire site design and graphical layout
was wrong. Thanks.

Here in NYC, Y2K festivities are gearing up in a major way. Cops
and transit police are very apparent in the subways. The homeless were
kicked out of Times Square, so they’re riding the subways. For two
days now, all of the trashcans in the subways have been covered with trash
bags and duct-taped shut. I believe this is to deter the Y2K nutjobs from
using them as convenient bomb receptacles. In Grand Central Terminal,
there is a steady stream of foriegn tourists with giant backpacks and
camping gear taking the shuttle to Time Square, in hopes of securing a
good location before the big mob hits later tonight.

Most of the NYC locals I know are making it very clear that they
are trying to get as far away from the city as possible because of
tonight’s festivities. My brother and I are planning on going to a
party in New Jersey. Far enough away, I think, to avoid the crowds.

I’m told that CamWorld was mentioned “as a place designers hang out
online” in the February 2000 print issue of HOW magazine, a popular
designer’s magazine. I’m still trying to locate a newstand that’s carrying
this new issue, which hit subscriber’s mailboxes earlier this week.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at December 31, 1999 06:19 PM

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