Browser Tip: If you do as …

Browser Tip: If you do as much reading of text as I do online, you’d be smart to
change your browser’s default font setting to Verdana. On the PC, you’ll need to decrease the font size a bit. On the Mac, leave it at 12pt. The Verdana font improves my retention and allows me to easily double my reading speed online. In fact, CamWorld is specially designed to render fabulously with Verdana.

My new slogan “Thinking Outside the Box” has made this year’s list of banished words and phrases.

There are some slight changes to the San Francisco CamWorld Reader Get-Together (a.k.a. CamVention) on Thursday. If you plan to attend, please read.

From CHI97 comes a great paper called Intelligent Software Agents vs. User-Controlled Direct Manipulation: A Debate. Read that and think about how we can apply those arguments to web GUIs.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at January 4, 2000 03:05 PM

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