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Yesterday I was at the Content Management Summit here in New York City. For the most part a great group of attendees and a decent conference, complete with a panel on weblogs. I was a little startled to learn that immediately before the panel began, the moderator didn’t know what a “blog” was and was asking me about how weblogs can be used to better tailor content to specific groups of people. I realized at that point he was confusing server weblogs with with informational weblogs. I steered him down the right path and the panel turned out to be a great success.

Jessamyn: How I Tried to Resign from Google Answers but Found I Was Already Fired

Kevin Werbach, who used to run the PCForum conference is now doing a new conference called Supernova. I’m sure it will be a great conference but asking me to fork over $1500 for two days is just not going to happen. Why are some conferences so expensive and others are not? Every year, SXSW manages to be an excellent experience and it costs only a couple hundred bucks. Actually, I couldn’t go even if I could afford it, since I’m planning on being in Malta and/or Egypt in early December.

It has happened again. Today I found a $20 bill on the ground. It seems that I have a long history of finding money. Here is a list:

  • $20 – October 2002 – Broad Street, New York City
  • $10 – December 2001 – Union/Pacific subway station, Brooklyn
  • $5 – October 2001 – Water Street, New York City
  • $5 – December 2000 – West 86th, New York City
  • $20 – August 2000 – Union Square, New York City
  • $5 – July 2000 – 7th Ave & 22nd, New York City
  • $20 – July 2000 – Market Street, San Francisco
  • $300 – February, 1997 – counter of a gas station (I turned this money in), Traverse City, Michigan

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