A few weeks ago a coworker from our London office was in town and we were working on something at my Mac. He looked at my AOL Instant Messenger application and started laughing out loud.

I was puzzled at his sudden outburst and he grinned wide and pointed to the names of my Buddy lists. “Hey mate, I love the fact you have a ‘Girls’ Buddy list.”

I laughed and explained it was a holdover from when I was doing more dating than I am now.

Request: I’m looking for two mailing lists that cover the usage of PHP. The first list should be tailored to newbies and cover the basics and the second should be for more advanced users and should cover things like doing secure commerce and complex database queries with PHP and MySQL. As always, the lists should have a high signal to low noise ratio. Email me your recommendations.

Between the Washington D.C. area sniper, the Bali terrorist bombings, and this morning’s attempted hijacking of a Saudi Arabian airliner I’m starting to wonder how the world has become the way it is. All this senseless violence. Sad.

New Yorker: The trouble with being the world’s only superpower.

It’s true, duct tape can do anything: even remove warts. I don’t recall where I learned this trick but you can also get rid of warts by keeping a couple of band-aids over them for about a week, starving them of oxygen. It will eventually fall off as new skin grows underneath it. Duct tape uses the same technique.

Slate: Bush League Economics. Excellent article about the incompetence of Bush’s economic team. Granted, they cannot be blamed for the economic downturn but it’s clear that they don’t have a clue to what they are doing. I guess this is what happens when you fill the presidential cabinet full of ex-CEO’s. [via rc3.org]

ZDNet: Sun-Microsoft: Missed opportunities. “In truth, all Sun has accomplished is to create a void for a VM-style technology on Windows, creating a market opportunity for the ultimate “polluted” Java (.NET).” The saddest part of this is it indicates an Internet technology, no matter how good, cannot be wildly successful unless it receives the Microsoft blessing. This does not bode well for the markets that Microsoft is now entering, including the broadband cable market, the PC-TV market, the video game console market, and the cell phone market. The only good news is that these are all markets that Microsoft does not (yet) have the power of a monopoly in.

Happy 29, Draplin. Have a slice of cake for me.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at October 15, 2002 08:46 PM

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