Guy falls asleep …

Guy falls asleep in a trash bin. Bin is emptied into garbage truck. Man gets compacted, and lives! This reminds me of when I was in college and working the grocery store night shift, stocking shelves. About twice each night I was responsible for emptying “Igor” which is what we called the cardboard baling machine. Wheeling a cart of empty boxes to the back room was always accompanied by someone saying “It’s time to feed Igor.” When I first started the night shift the other guys in my team would tell scary stories about incidents across the U.S. where some unlucky kid would get himself crushed while removing the bale of cardboard. Ahh, they were quite the jokesters. If you want a really funny story, ask me sometime about the time I tipped over an entire pallet of Pepsi while unloading the delivery truck. Man, I never knew 2-liter Pepsi bottles could fly like that.

Maureen Dowd: The Boy Who Would Be Emporer. Clever.

OK, I was looking at this Perl CGI called RssDisplay that will render an RSS feed into HTML so that it can be included into a server side include. It’s great little script, but not exactly what I’m looking for. What I want is something that does the exact opposite: takes a chunk of static HTML and renders it into an RSS feed. I want something like what Syndic8/NewsIsFree is doing with this scraped CamWorld feed [XML], but instead of relying on their service I want the CGI to reside on my own server and perform the same function.

This NY Times article is ludicrous. A recent survey says that 81% of Americans feel that they should write that novel that lurks within them, and the author then proceeds to discourage readers from even trying. Apparently the author is forgetting that dead-tree books is not the only form of media that makes a person an author. The traditional high cost of book publishing has kept many very talented writers from ever being published, but the low cost of the Internet makes it a perfect medium to let anyone publish anything they want — and that includes the Great American Novel the author of this article so desperately wants people to avoid writing.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: The president’s real goal in Iraq. Scary, if true.

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