Is Jake Stoner …

Is Jake Stoner the next Bernard Shifman?

The television graveyard tonight forced me to channel-surf, and I ended up watching the Miss Venezuela 2002 pageant. I don’t care that I didn’t understand a word of it, hot damn!

I must admit that I fell for this Paypal scam [more]. The scam email made it through my SpamAssassin filter despite scoring an impressive 96.7 points. The email looked incredibly authentic, but when I went to the link in the email I got some kind of error and then forgot about it. Now that I know the email was a scam, it’s completely obvious. I think the reason I got an error was the scam email was sent to me on September 11, 2002 and I didn’t visit the fake scam site until almost a full week later. By that time, PayPal’s fraud team was aware of the scam and the scam site was partially disabled. I have since changed my password, just to be safe.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 29, 2002 08:38 PM