In my quest …

In my quest to uncover information on how to get SpamAssassin installed on a Pair webmaster account (not quite there, but almost), I uncovered this funny phrase in someone’s comments:

Obviously I screwed up somewhere, but I’ve only been using Perl since 1993, so I’m not an expert.

Good Salon article on spam, that mentions SpamAssassin.

Jon Udell: Control Your Identity or Microsoft and Intel Will

Sweet love of the Spam Gods, I finally got SpamAssassin to work. Turns out that I had a bum installation of SA. Reinstalling, running the Makefile and then make again fixed the problem. Now it’s time to tighten up the rules. Thanks go out to Rafe Colburn, Amit Asaravala, Justin Mason, Justin Kramer, and the Pair support guys for the help.

Interesting article about the Department of Hoemland Security’s (ugh) web site. “The page currently is nothing but a tawdry public-relations exercise for Tom Ridge and George Bush.”

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 9, 2002 11:16 PM

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