Usability comic: If …

Usability comic: If a tire swing were a web site

NY Times: When Patriotism Wasn’t Religious. Well said. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is tiring of the religious rhetoric coming from our government leaders. I’m open-minded enough to respect religion for what it represents, but shoving it down my throat will just cause me to vomit all over you and lose respect for you.

Russian jokes translated into English. Some of them lose quite a bit in the translation but they’re still interesting to read:

American jornalist interviews a Russian writer. He puts his feet on the table and asks:
– I hope this does not embarass you.
– Oh, no. Feel free to put all 4 of your legs up there.

A company called Deersoft has released a client-side version of SpamAssassin for Outlook on Windows.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 10, 2002 01:51 PM