Rick Bradley really …

Rick Bradley really hates SBC. You have to wonder why the phone companies are earning themselves such bad reputations. They stick it to the consumer time and time again, provide crappy service, engage in anti-competirive business practices and then lobby the crap out of Congress to maintain their monopolies. If the standard market forces were allowed to play out, competition would increase, service would get better (and cheaper), and fewer people would be jumping the DSL ship for cable modem access (like I did).

Apparently, the Smurfs were communists.

I got tired of receiving AOL IM chat requests form horny boys looking for webcams of teenage girls who (for some unknown reason) keep mistaking this site
as a Web site for webcams. So I added an About page. That still hasn’t worked:

ASD1170:   hi
ASD1170:   wer bist du
camworld2: yes. how may i help you?
ASD1170:   i visite camworld2,and i kant see you
camworld2: huh?
ASD1170:   https://camworld.org/
ASD1170:   i am heron this side
camworld2: yes, that is my site
ASD1170:   aha,,i am looking for a videochat
ASD1170:   sorry for my bad english
camworld2: hmmm, did you bother to read the "about" page?
ASD1170:   no
camworld2: please do so
ASD1170:   ok
ASD1170:   see you

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 8, 2002 06:45 PM

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