That Pud, he’s …

That Pud, he’s such a prankster. I was surfing, which I only check out once a month or so (really!) and I spotted the F’dCompany t-shirt-wearing sexy models thumbnails. I thought, “Those are cool pictures, how can I see all of them without hitting reload a bunch of times.” So I viewed a single image and then hacked the URL string to find the directory the images were stored in. Instead of giving an “Access Denied” error as most people do, Pud has made the index.html file of this directory redirect to a page of pictures of farm-sex (warning: beastiality and nudity pics). Ha, what a funny prank.

I wonder, now that Pud’s famous and all with his book, does he remember wandering around San Francisco (two guys from New York) with me looking for parties. This was about two years ago, two months after he started F’dCompany.

Salon’s Damien Cave skewers Pud’s book. Rightly so? I haven’t read the book yet, so I have no opinion and am not entitled to give one yet.

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Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 9, 2002 12:47 PM

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