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Wow! I just checked my web logs. My traffic for Tuesday was well over 1 GB (114,595 hits), about ten times my normal traffic. Yesterday was about 800 MB (113,552 hits) of traffic. Today was 368 MB (69,172 hits), still more than twice my normal traffic.

Hire Me: Some of you already know that I am no longer employed by CollabNet. I resigned from my position there two weeks ago for a number of reasons and have been chilling out for a while before I start a job hunt. I’m primarily looking for positions in the NYC area (but am open to discussion). Here’s my resume. Let me know if you know of any open positions that might be a good fit.

America, The Good Neighbor. A reader informs me that this is just an updated version of this speech.

It’s getting ridiculous. Yesterday, they evacuated the Empire State Building and Penn Station because of bomb threats. This morning, LaGuardia airport was evacuated because of a bomb threat. And just now, I heard they evacuated Grand Central Station and the surrounding buildings because of a bomb threat. They also just evacuated the Port Authority. This madness has got to stop.

Escape From New York: I spent the entire moring on the phone with car rental agencies trying to rent a car so I can get out of the NYC area for a few days. A local Speedy Rent-a-Car location told me “we don’t send cars to Kansas, there’s a 150-mile radius around NYC area” despite the fact I’ve rented from them before and driven to Michigan. When I asked why, the guy on the phone said “A plane crashed into a building” and hung up on me. I also stopped in yesterday at this very location and got a quote from them for renting a car to drive 2400 miles. I’m reporting them to the Better Busines Bureau. I also called Budget, National, and Hertz. Budget and National had jacked up their rates to almost double the normal price, citing “low inventory” and “availability” as being the cause. I reserved a car through Hertz’s web site (at their normal rates), and then called to confirm the reservation. The Hertz representative on the phone told me that none of the Hertz locations were allowing any cars to leave their Manhattan locations, so I had her cancel my reservation. I never thought trying to get out of NYC would be so hard.

So, I have bought a plane ticket on Midwest Express to fly from LaGuardia to Kansas City tomorrow. If LaGuardia is still closed, I’m stuck. The only consolation I have is that Midwest Express will honor the ticket for up to a year, with no change or refund fees applied (a great airline).

Desperately Seeking Strong Leadership: A reader flamed me yesterday about my views on President Bush and his [lack of] leadership qualities. Normally, I ignore such flame-bait, but a NY Times Op-Ed article is saying many of the same things I am saying. Bush is clearly not cut out to be a leader. His, uh, speech, uh…this morning, uh, made that, uh…pretty clear. And please, let’s stop with the religious comments. A political leader in Bush’s position should not be mixing church and State (faith-based initiatives). You can criticize me all you want about my views of Bush, they are not going to change anytime soon. May I also remind readers that CamWorld is a personal Web site, and that if you do not like my views, opinions, or commentary you are more than welcome visit any of the millions of other Web sites on the Internet to get different perspectives.

O’Reilly Releases DocBook: The Definitive Guide Under the GNU License

Here’s an excellent map from the NY Times showing the buildings in NYC’s Financial District. [via DesignWeenie]

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