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Infographics:In many cases, more effective than just words and photos, infographics can quickly help us grasp information and timelines in a visual and easy-to-follow manner.

DaveNet: Mir Tamim Ansary on Afghanistan

Which Way is South? I realized today that every time I got disoriented in Manhattan, I’d simply walk to an Avenue and look in both directions. If the towers loomed over the skyline, that was south, and I’d be able to figure out what direction I needed to walk in to get to where I needed to go. When I was first learning the NYC subway system, I did this constantly. Now that the towers are gone, how do I determine which way is south?

Foraging For Food: Yesterday afternoon, I left the back door open to let in some fresh air. I was watching TV and surfing the Web in the living room when I heard a noise in the kitchen (where the back door is located). I went to investigate only to find a black squirrel dragging a bag of potato chips off the counter. When he spotted me, he ran out the door, jumped on the porch railing, and stared at me to see what I would do. Brave squirrel!

More About Bush: I’m getting a lot of feedback from my comments on President Bush. Many people are misinterpreting my opinion. I did not like Bush before he was elected, and I still do not like him, despite the good job he is doing in dealing with this national crisis. Please remember that what makes this country great is that it’s made up of a very large and diverse population, with different beliefs, opinions, and points of view. You may disagree with my perspective of Bush, and that’s perfectly fine, but please respect my opinion — as I respect yours. Anonymous flames full of name-calling are simply not appropriate.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at September 14, 2001 05:06 PM

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