Advogato: Mono Culture. An …

Advogato: Mono Culture. An early discussion of Mono, the open-source alternative to .NET

CIO Magazine: The Secret to Software Success [via Massless]

Another example of how the market will decide Microsoft’s fate. Companies (which make up much of the market) simply will not let Microsoft get away with such antics.

GeekNews: Fallout in the PHPNuke Community over Open Source

If you’re going to be in California for the O’Reilly Open Source Conference, you might want to spend a few extra days and hit the Open Innovation Conference being held in Santa Clara.

OSopinion: “I read recently about a businessman who was complaining about having to pay the “Microsoft tax” when he bought a new computer. However, as soon as he got the computer to his place of business, he wiped out Windows and installed Linux.

MozillaQuest: Netscape 6.1 PR 2 Browser-Suite Coming Soon

CorpWatch: Microsoft, One World Operating System. An interview with the founder of NetAction.

NY Times Op/Ed: It’s Good to Be the King (or Why Bush is Slipping in the Polls)

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