Building a Community Information …

Building a Community Information Network: A Guidebook (Downloadable book)

First Monday: Intermittent Aberrations: Can Mature Companies Innovate?

Industry Standard: Microsoft Could Hold Passport to the Internet. Excellent article that explains in layman’s terms the danger of a Microsoft-controlled Internet as co-opted by Passport/Hailstorm and Windows XP.

Scary thought: What if Microsoft requires a Passport account log-in before you can use your brand new Xbox this Christmas? What about UltimateTV? More scarier is the fact that that Microsoft wants to spend up to $3B to help Rubert Murdoch (News Corp.) purchase DirectTV from GE. If this happens, how soon before you have to have a Passport account to watch satellite TV? Scary, scary…

And let’s not forget that Microsoft owns 10% of Comcast Cable Corp., 13% of UUNet, 10% of Progressive Networks (not anymore), WebTV, and has joint partnerships with BET and NBC. What else does Microsoft own? [somewhat outdated chart]. Another list from 1999. Microsoft is not just a software company anymore…

Linux Journal: The Appeals Court Ruling: What’s in it for Linux?

Alternative viewpoint: Why Microsoft (mostly) shouldn’t be stopped

Boycott Microsoft: A Modest Manifesto

Ximian (formerly Helix Code) to unveil open-source alternative to .NET

Non-Software Examples of Software Design Patterns

Who Are You? Who Owns You? A look at Amazon’s privacy policy and issues with customer data. Maybe the braniacs at Microsoft should read this.

Mozilla Community Day. Unfortunately, I will not be attending the O’Reilly Open Source Conference this year, so will have to miss this.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at July 5, 2001 02:44 PM