Jon Udell: “I’m convinced, …

Jon Udell: “I’m convinced, more than ever, of the value of weblogging as an important new form of business communication.” Jon Udell is the author of the best O’Reilly book ever written, Practical Internet Groupware, now out-of-print.

But of course. Why would you expect anything different from Microsoft? Lock in, lock in, lock in. Note that gives you a standard IIS error page, but that doesn’t. Ha ha ha ha, what morons.

Esther Dyson (former chairwoman of ICANN), along with some other people, have formed the ICANN At-Large Membership Study Committee. I remember getting my At-Large membership in the mail a year or two back, but when I tried to acknowledge my membership registration, I found the site too confusing and gave up. I recall there being some controversy over this…

Color Scheme Stats: For the month of May (to date), here are the number of requests for the background images that make up the various color schemes of CamWorld:

bg_grid_white.gif: 20407 (default color scheme)
bg_grid_grey.gif: 6773
bg_grid_blue.gif: 1842
bg_grid_green.gif: 1034
bg_grid_yellow.gif: 774 (called ‘Gold’)
bg_grid_red.gif: 515

What this tells me is that most people either prefer the default white color scheme or they don’t bother to choose a color scheme. Long-time readers will remember that the default used to be grey, but I changed it to white a while back for the index.html page (50,530 requests for May, to date). Also note that these numbers don’t reflect actual site traffic as the majority of my repeat readers have these images cached in their browsers.

Jeff Veen: Stalk Your User

O’ReillyNet: Office XP: Product Activation Gone Berserk, Part 2

InformationWeek: Enterprise Management: Disillusionment

Wow, look at what Google found. A new CAMworld page. I’ve never physically run away from a web site before, but this one had me headed for the door (once it loaded).

An Incomplete Annotated History of Weblogs

Aaronland: Weblogs, Theory and Practice

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