Looks like the Country …

Looks like the Country Music Association is starting to use the Internet more. I keep getting mis-directed emails intended for them. Their domain name is cmaworld.com. Hey, at least now I know that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are expecting their third child. Oh yeah, and Rascal Flatts is to perform at a Backstreet Boy Benefit. Whoo, don’t hold me back…

The Darwin Collection: Free software for Darwin OS and Mac OS X

Sun Microsystems and CollabNet (my employer) have launched yet another web site called SunSource, which is devoted to Sun’s involvement in Free and Open Source software development.

Mac OS X: “The advantage of the smaller apps, besides price, is that the development is decentralized so individual components get updated more frequently. You end up with a variety of applications with powerful abilities rather than one specialized app which of course means greater freedom of choice.”

WinXP/OfficeXP: “It thinks it can profit by creating new kinds of software to augment and draw data from their applications….map of hundreds of activities–writing, numerical analysis, diagramming, multimedia presentations, e-mail, project managing, training, virtual conferencing, and on and on…”

A good article on web accessibility and section 508::

“Katherine Richardson expected a few people for the Web accessibility training classes the Agriculture Department’s TARGET Center arranged for department webmasters. But when a standing-room-only crowd mobbed the Washington center to learn how to make Web sites operable for disabled users, she had to turn away some technophiles.”

Also check out usability.gov. Excellent information.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 30, 2001 11:48 PM