Sweet love of the …

Sweet love of the DSL gods. After 14 months, I finally have a DSL installation date for tomorrow. Let’s hope Verizon actually shows up.

An old, but good, rant about Visio.

The Center for Controlling Plagiarism.

Possible captions for this photo:

  1. “Live long, and prosper.”
  2. A constipated President Bush lets one loose.
  3. “Dude, he looks like he’s holding a bong hit.”

It’s time to update the list of links on the left side of this site. Send me your recommendations. I’m looking for high-quality sites/weblogs that load in all browsers. No Flash, no lame browser redirects (unless a Netscape 4.x version is available). I make no promises that I will link to a site if you recommend it. If I visit it and like what I see/read, I’ll add it to my list. Please, no self-promotion.

Slashdot: Preview of Diablo II – Lord of Destruction. I can’t wait!

Apple: Web Development & Mac OS X

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 24, 2001 10:10 PM

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