I’m back, but updates …

I’m back, but updates may be sporadic for a while. Probably every other day instead of daily.

A couple of recent articles about Microsoft have led me to believe that they will continue to use the Internet as a giant R&D lab, picking out the good ideas and technologies, and ‘enhancing’ them to work only with MS-centric products and services. For the historians among you, this is exactly what they’ve been doing since the company was founded. Why stop now? It’s the classic “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish” business practice.

Jason Levine: Death is not always the worst option

MIT Media Lab: Being Real [via dangerousmeta]

Birds learn to copy cell phone rings. Ha! This reminds me of the time when my family lived in the South Pacific. It was very normal to let the local [harmless] wildlife share your home with you, and my family had several little chameleons that lived in various parts of our house. There was one that lived on the wall in the kitchen, one in the living room, etc. They were almost like pets. One day, we decided to collect the lizards and play with them — by breaking out a pack of fluorescent construction paper. The way those little lizards tried to adapt to the colors of bright orange and bright green was simply amazing.

Damn, I wish I could program my TV to automatically lower the volume during commercials. FOX and UPN are the worst culprits in increasing the volume during commercials. It’s like advertising has become so ineffective, they’re trying all kinds of tricks to get people to pay attention. Update: Brad Morse tells me to try hooking a volume stabilizer up to my home theater system. Good idea!

Othermedia: How to choose a content management system.

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