Still on hiatus. Events …

Still on hiatus. Events have come up in my life very recently that have required me to focus on things other than this site. I am confident that I will back within a reasonable amount of time. Please stay tuned.

I am working on a new section of CamWorld that I can’t tell you about yet, except that it will be very personal and intimate and nothing at all like what I’ve done before. Like everything else at CamWorld, though, it will be a place where people can learn about what I’m doing, what I”m thinking, and educate themselves in the process. Please stay tuned.

Here’s a fast re-cap of the notable events of the past three weeks of my life: On May 6, I rode the BikeNewYork 5-boro tour. About 45 miles total. I was stupid enough to forget to apply sunblock and six hours in the sun fried the backs of my hands. Second-degree sunburn with blisters and three days of swollen hands. Not a fun experience. I haven’t been this badly sunburned since I was a kid living in American Samoa in the South Pacific. It’s been two weeks and my hands are almost healed. Last night (May 19) I went to see the American Ballet Theater’s performance of The Pied Piper. Wow, wow, wow. If you’re in New York this week, go see it. It’s completely amazing.

I couldn’t resist. Here are a few links:

In the U.S. this monkey man would probably be a little green alien.

A Partial History of Computer Conferencing in Ann Arbor

If you’re not truly disgusted yet by the Bush presidency, read this article and then go take a hard look at yourself in the mirror if you voted for him.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at May 20, 2001 12:12 PM

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