Note: I’m taking a …

Note: I’m taking a break from CamWorld for a while. It may be a week. It may be two weeks. I’ll be back, but I can’t exactly say when. If I get my act together I may come back with a standards-compliant design. We’ll see…

I’ve been hearing the buzz about the online murder mystery game that’s closely tied to the upcoming and long-awaited Kubrick-Spielberg film AI. Dreamworks and Warner Brothers have done something very interesting. Using the concept of viral marketing, they’ve constructed a very elaborate game with clues spread across the Internet, on hundreds of seemingly unrelated pages and web sites. It’s up to the player of the game to unravel the mystery. What a very cool idea. By engaging the minds of the people playing the game, they’ve successfully created an addictive marketing ploy that just keeps going and going. Most online promotions for movies are incredibly dull, usually Flash-based, and bandwidth-intensive (blech). Kudos to the creators of this marketing effort. Finally, an example where the people being marketed to are treated as intelligent, thinking, beings instead of just a bunch of eyeballs.

Cringely: Cargo Cult

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 29, 2001 11:18 PM

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