I’m getting together with …

I’m getting together with a bunch of people tonight for dinner in San Francisco. If you live in the area and want to join us, contact me by 2:00 PM PST with an RSVP and I’ll send you the information of when and where we’ll be.

Hey Microsoft, it’s all about trust. How can you expect anyone to trust you with their data when you pull stunts like this? Morons. It shouldn’t require an industry uproar to get Microsoft to change their policies about something. If they want to ’embrace’ the Internet and ecommerce using Hailstorm and Passport, they’ve got to earn their users’ trust and respect first.

Seen in an email .sig: The UNIX Guru’s View of Sex: unzip ; strip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ; yes ; umount ; sleep [And you can get this on a t-shirt, of course]

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 4, 2001 05:02 PM

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