When your video card …

When your video card doesn’t work with your specific version of Windows, do you go screaming to Microsoft slinging blame around? This article is just lame. I hate the media sometimes.

A lot of people tend to believe a lot of what they read on the Web. This point is underscored every time I read popular discussion forums. Lots of opinion, little fact. What’s worse is when the discussion forums are technical in nature and well-meaning people mistake well-written opinion for fact and then use it to help make their technology decision. This has happened to me in the past, but after being corrected by a smarter coworker I’ve learned to always validate my opinions and facts before making a technology recommendation. Another related problem is when the marketing people for a particular piece of technology or software learn the buzzwords and lingo for their market segment and then proceed to convince technology decision-makers (usually top-level executives, and not the people who truly grasp the underlying technology complexities of their industry) that their stuff is the best. Sorry, I’ll stop rambling now…

Last week, I watched some coworkers play a game of Illuminati. It’s addictive, even for those who are not playing. I might just have to go buy a set of Illuminati cards…

Xerox has banned Windows XP beta on their corporate network. Must still need some work.

Steven Champeon outlines the history of Javascript. Awesome article.

At lunch yesterday with Jim Roepcke, I joked around about forming a “Windows NT Boxes for the Homeless” program after Jim complained about his NT box continually hosing itself.

edoc: Evaluating Web Content Management

I don’t know exactly know what this is, but’s definitely weird/funny. [via Frantic]

Fun/disturbing posters and art about technology biases.

Posted by Cameron Barrett at April 7, 2001 07:51 PM